We are cool…well some people think so!

Thanks to The Youth Network I’ve been fortunate enough to be offered the chance to learn and experience graffiti.  The very positive energy and the social interaction keeps me coming back each week.  Over time I have developed and progressed my skills which provide me with an art form I enjoy and which I will continue to practice in the future.  The Youth Network has provided me with fantastic opportunities to express my creativity through the Main Roads project, painting a piece at Groovin the Moo festival and my personal favourite, the City Lane individual art project.  These opportunities, that not many people my age can/have experienced, are solely responsible to the tireless effort of The Youth Network and I can’t imagine not experiencing these if I had never come along to my first Youth Outreach session.  I have also been provided the opportunity of a designated spot on the legal wall at the Aitkenvale PCYC, which I regularly use.  Thanks a lot for the experiences you have provided me with Youth Network, I am very grateful and will try and promote the network to get as much youth interaction with it as possible.

Alex, 19


The Youth Network got me into graffiti, which is now a big part of my life.  It gives me a creative outlet to deal with my depression and anxiety.  The members of the Youth Network are very understanding.

Eddie, 17


If I never got involved with the Youth Network I would probably never leave my house.  I’ve done a lot of things this year that I would have never been able to do because of anxiety/depression.  They have helped me open up and not be shy.

Jay, 20


I enjoy coming to Outreach because I can find out about things that are happening in the community.  I’ve enjoyed working with an artist who has been able to work out how to communicate with me and teach me art.

Tomatoa, Deaf young person