Lids 4 Kids

LIDS4KIDS North Queensland recently joined up with Shed 3 to grow this great initiative. The project was started in Canberra in response to a Melbourne based initiative to provide material for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs for children. This presented the opportunity to assist a worthwhile initiative in the manufacture of the prosthetic limbs and with the added benefit of reducing plastic landfill. Repurposing plastics proved very popular across the country and the community engagement was such that the collection has outgrown the demands of the prosthetics enterprise, so we are now looking to the next stage of lid usage and repurposing, hopefully focusing on a local micro-factory initiative. The central theme will remain supporting the provision of opportunities for young people. 

The project is entirely run by a great band of committed volunteers.  

COVID-19 put a hold on lid collections across the country for the moment, but it is about to gear up in the New Year and we are exploring ideas for the next stage of this worthwhile project. Head over to “LIDS4KIDS” Facebook page to see stay informed about this worthwhile undertaking. 

If you are interested in becoming involved email