Cajam Circus Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct

  • Please arrive on time to class to ensure we have minimal crossover of students between classes in line with our COVID Safe Plan.
  • We recommend comfortable clothing that you can easily move in and either tight fitting shirts or a shirt that can be tucked in. Short shorts and cropped tops are not recommended. Students in intermediate or advance classes will be notified of specific clothing requirements such as tights/leotards.
  • Bare feet are appropriate for most classes but some form of footwear must be worn to and from class. Some activities such as unicycling and sitting will require footwear and students will be notified of these requirements prior to workshops.
  • All jewellery and watches must be removed before class. Piercings must be removed or covered with tape in such a way that they cannot snag or be caught on clothing or other people.
  • All hair that is long enough to swing in front of the face must be tied back.
  • No mobile phones are allowed during classes, without seeking permission.
  • Never video or photograph anyone without asking for their permission and do not post videos/photos of anyone online without their specific permission.
  • Food is not to be consumed within the training space. Students are encouraged to eat a healthy snack before class and to bring a water bottle with them.
  • Treat the equipment as if it is your own. Notify a trainer if you see damaged or broken equipment. The gear will last longer if we all take care of it.
  • If a student is injured during a class, they must inform the trainer immediately.
  • It is the right of the trainer to request that a student does not participant in a specific activity for their own safety as well as the safety of the trainer and other participants. We will ask you not to participate based on alcohol or drug use, sleep deprivation, injury, illness and any other activity/behaviour that hampers your ability to participate safely.
  • Our goal is that Cajam Circus is a welcoming environment for students of all abilities and goals. Therefore the use of physical or verbal abuse/ bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and your enrolment may be cancelled if this occurs.

Liability Waiver

  • I acknowledge that the following is a legal document that affects my rights and by agreeing to this document I am releasing Cajam Circus its owners, officers, volunteers, employees and trainers from all liability for any injury, loss, damage or death caused whilst under the instruction or supervision of Cajam Circus staff.
  • As a participant I/My child agrees to comply with all rules and directions made or given by Cajam Circus employees in relation to workshops, performances and activities. Should I/My Child fail to comply it may result in injury, loss, damage or death to themselves or someone else.
  • Within aerials training I understand that activities are performed at a height of at least 1.5m from the ground without the use of safety harnesses and that I/My Child will be reliant on my/their own strength.
  • I am aware that circus training and performances including aerials training involves a significant degree of physical exertion and potential risks. Such risks include but are not limited to: sprains, strains, cuts, scrapes, broken bones, nerve damage, permanent paralysis or death.
  • I understand that I/My child will not attend workshops, rehearsals or performances under the influence of any alcohol or drugs that may affect the ability to perform tasks safely.
  • I willingly assume all risks involved in undertaking circus training and performances and that I have informed Cajam Circus of all information that relates to My/My Child’s physical health or capacity to be participate in strenuous activities.
  • Furthermore, it may be necessary for trainers/employees to obtain urgent medical treatment which may be required whilst at training or a performance. I hereby give permission for Cajam Circus staff to seek such necessary treatments as recommended by a competent medical authority at an expense to me.

Fee and Refund Policy

Your fees are paying for a place in one of our Circus classes. To maintain the best possible training environment we maintain a low student to trainer ratio. As such, there can be waiting lists for these classes. Therefore, if you choose not to attend training sessions during the term, there is no room for make-up classes and no refund will be given. However, if you have a medical or serious personal reason please contact us to discuss your options.