About the Shed

Term 1 2021 Timetable

Shed 3 has been committed to delivering arts opportunities in Townsville and surrounding region since 2008 through the delivery of a range of activities run by a dedicated group of professional artists and volunteers.  

Shed 3 operates under the umbrella of The Youth Network NQ Inc. (TYN) which is a not-for-profit organisation based in Townsville. TYN has been operational since 1998 and was originally established to facilitate monthly meetings for youth service providers with the aim of creating collaborative partnerships to address issues faced by young people. 

In 2004 a new Management Committee took the organisation in a new direction that saw the development of projects and programs for young people. Since then TYN has grown from an annual offering during National Youth Week to now having an established home base and delivering ongoing programs both locally and regionally.  

In 2019 we adopted Shed 3 as our trading name to align with us broadening our scope and establishing our home base in Idalia as well as taking on a volunteer Executive Director who has been able to focus the organisation more strategically with the view of growing the current range of activities and provide a range of employment opportunities across various art forms helping to keep our talented young people in Townsville.  

The Townsville floods in 2019 and COVID-19 in 2020 have provided us with significant challenges. These challenges have enabled us to review our operations and clearly plan our future direction, including a redesign of our website and social media outlets.  

Since 2008, our Visual Arts and Music strands have delivered a range of initiatives that have been of great benefit to the participants involved. Some examples include working with with at-risk and vulnerable young people, utilising art as a medium to engage and improve social and emotional wellbeing. Through music we have provided young people with performance opportunities at our own small-scale events called ‘Untitled’ through to major opportunities such as the Palm Creek Folk Festival. 

Our amalgamation with Cajam Circus in 2019 saw us increase our arts offerings to include Circus. We are now delivering a program 6 days per week and working with children, young people and adults and have plans to develop a performance troupe to create more opportunities for our students.


Shed 3 MembershipAnnual$5.50 per year

If you are interested in becoming involved email info@shed3.com.au